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Reliable seating solutions for your monitoring station, dispatch center, surveillance room, or command center.

Our range of multi-shift chairs is designed to meet round-the-clock operations. Engineered for durability and comfort, our heavy-duty control room chairs ensure support during extended periods of use. With features like tilt and swivel functionality, our control room office chairs offer flexibility and ease of movement, allowing operators to maintain focus and productivity throughout their shifts, whether you’re overseeing critical operations or managing security tasks. 

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What are the essential qualities of a control room chair?

1) Sturdiness is Key

First and foremost, a control room chair must exude durability. In a setting where operations run around the clock, the chair should withstand constant use. This demands a robust framework with a weight capacity accommodating users of varying sizes. Take, for instance, KAB chairs, backed by a 2-year warranty and capable of supporting users up to 200kg in a 24-hour setting. The popular KAB Controller, boasting a combination fabric and leather upholstery, ensures longevity even during extended shifts.

2) Comfort Matters

Comfort is paramount in a control room chair. With users often seated for prolonged periods without the luxury of frequent breaks, optimal comfort and weight distribution are non-negotiable. The chair’s foam should strike a delicate balance, offering softness to alleviate pressure points while maintaining firmness for adequate support.

3) Adjustability for All

Given the diverse array of users in control room environments, adjustability is crucial. Control room chairs often serve multiple users across various shifts, necessitating easy adaptability. The KAB Control Room range, inspired by car and lorry seats, features intuitive controls akin to adjusting a car seat. Moreover, the range offers different sizes tailored to accommodate the majority of users with minimal adjustment. For added versatility, options like the KAB K4 feature depth-adjustable seats and angle-adjustable front edges to cater to a broader spectrum of users.

4) Versatility Beyond Control Rooms

While designed for control room environments, these chairs are equally suitable for general office use, provided they meet the user’s needs and physical requirements. The 24/7 control room chairs selected offer exceptional ergonomic support suitable for various settings. Brands like Axia Focus and Axia Vision integrate unique pelvic support mechanisms, aiding in relieving and preventing back pain and related musculoskeletal disorders.

In essence, investing in the right control room chair not only enhances comfort and productivity but also contributes to overall well-being in high-demand environments. Explore our range today to elevate your control room experience.

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