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Orthopaedic office chair

Important information,

Your comfort and health is our number one priority.

An orthopaedic chair is a chair designed to solve a specific pain problem. You may need an orthopaedic chair if you are concerned with the following:

  • back pain ( lower or upper )
  • herniated disc
  • shoulder pain
  • neck pain
  • pelvic pain

The picture to the left outlines the different ways an orthopaedic chair provides the solutions.

Bad posture or pain from sitting on the chair you are currently sat in, may not be the reason you need an orthopaedic chair. Which is why we offer a free chair assessment, and can guide you to the correct chair for you.

Link here to get started: Book my free chair assessment

Back care and support

Different Orthopaedic chairs come with different solutions, each person is different, and we are very careful in selecting the correct chair. 

Sacral pump

Mechanical 2 way adjustable lumbar

Pnuematic pump lumbar

Pnuematic pump, mechanical 2 way adjustable lumbar

Thoracic pump

All our orthopaedic office chairs are chiropractor approved.

We always recommend starting with our free chair assessment, to make sure we fit the right chair to you.

We normally carry out your assessment within 24-48 hours, with our recommendation to follow swiftly after.

Our assessment are done virtually.

To start, please fill out a few details. Link to the right→

A recent assessment and review below.

Orthopaedic chair – Our work and review


We recently did a free chair assessment on a lady in Sheffield, and was advised to recommend a chair with a coccyx cut out, see picture below, to better aid posture and reduce lower back pain. 

The customer went ahead with the order, and the testimonial was greatly appreciated. 

The Yorkshire Office Group are amazing from the staff to their products, and I could not recommend them enough. I was offered a grant from DWP Assess to Work, and they were very helpful every step of the way. They assisted me to get measured for my customised office chairs (one for home and one in office)  from the comfort of my home over video call. Not only are my office chairs very stylish, but have been designed to aid my sciatica and my office chairs have tons of features for comfort

Isha Kaur


ortho client chair

Orthopaedic office chair range & options

According to the Health & Safety Executive, businesses lose some 4.9 million working days due to work-related back pain every year with each affected employee taking an average of 19 days off work. The charity, BackCare, estimates that the overall cost of back pain to the NHS, businesses and the economy is £5 billion a year.

Sitting in the right office chair is crucial, the range is a specialist design.

Built for users who suffer from back pain. These chairs have been designed in a modular fashion ensuring that each of the key areas of the spine recieve optimum support.

Created together with the expertise of teaching osteopath Stephen Green, we have used state-of-the-art material technologies combined with the latest in adjustable seating controls to bring the concept of spinal dynamics into the workplace.

The unique feature is the triangulation of support provided by the pelvic module cushion and the two way and pump lumbar combo. Together with the sacral thoracic pumps, these combine to provide comfort that surpasses all other orthopaedic chairs.

orthopaedic office chair

Yog Sd1 orthopaedic office chair, extra high back, triangulaiton of supports cradling the pelvis, with coccyx cut out.

orthopaedic office chair

Yog Sd3 orthopaedic office chair, high back with headrest to relieve neck pain, with coccyx cut out.

orthopaedic office chair

Yog Sd11 orthopaedic office chair, heavy duty, memory foam seat to help relieve the pressure of sitting for extended periods.

Our range is sd1 to sd14 depending on requirements, we also provide bespoke chairs if the assessments come back as required. book a virtual assessment below

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“We approached Yorkshire Office Group to help us fit out our new office building. The customer service we have experienced from start to finish was brilliant, from Darren helping to design the space and providing great advice, to the friendly and professional installation team. The quality of the furniture was just what we were looking for at a good price and helped us to create a professional working environment to be proud of. We would thoroughly recommend Yorkshire Office Group as a supplier of excellent quality office furniture.”

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