✨ Delighted to share that we’ve successfully installed bench desking for a valued client in Bradford. ✨

Please see our 4-person Evolution bench desk setup complete with sleek white desks, contrasting black legs, and convenient under desk pedestals. The addition of the black toolbar screen adds a modern touch to the workspace.

What are the benefits of using bench desks?

👥 Bench desks promote collaboration and communication among team members.

📐 They maximize space utilization, making them ideal for open-plan offices or areas with limited space.

🔌 Bench desks often allow for easy cable management, helping to keep workspaces tidy and organized.

🔄 They offer flexibility in configuration, allowing companies to adapt the layout according to changing needs or team sizes.

What is the difference between office bench desking and normal desks?

Design and Layout: Office bench desking typically features long, continuous work surfaces shared by multiple users, promoting collaboration, while normal desks are standalone units designed for individual use. 🖥️👥

Space Utilization: Bench desking maximizes space efficiency, ideal for open-plan offices, whereas normal desks may take up more space per user. 📏🏢

Flexibility and Adaptability: Bench desking offers flexibility in configuration to accommodate changing needs, while normal desks are less flexible for reconfiguration. 🛠️🔄

Collaboration vs. Individual Focus: Bench desking fosters collaboration, while normal desks are better suited for individual focus and concentration. 🤝🤔

Aesthetic Appeal: Bench desking often has a modern, streamlined design, whereas normal desks come in various styles to suit different preferences. ✨🎨

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