New Office, New Office Furniture In The Heart Of Barnsley

Office Furniture Barnsley

With new office buildings comes new office furniture, we was approached by this company in Barnsley to help co-ordinate a spacious design from scratch.

Creating enough space for the team, and enough storage for all there order forms.

A great company, & great install.

I encourage you to watch the video! (Click for Sound)

Do You Have A New Office On The Way?

If you are situated in the Barnsley area, and looking for office furniture for your new office space, we specialize in taking new office spaces to a full refurbished look. Our team will offer design advice colour schemes and different variations on what your office could look like. We come recommended and are local to you. 

We approached Yorkshire Office Group to help us fit out our new office building. The customer service we have experienced from start to finish was brilliant, from Darren helping to design the space and providing great advice, to the friendly and professional installation team.

Rachel Dowle


Frequently Asked Questions About The Project

How long did it take to complete the Install?

A Mornings Work 

What Colour was the office furniture?

Swiss Elm With Silver Legs

Can you describe the office furniture installed?

Yes! Rectangular Desks, Black Screens, Multiple Storage Units, Mobile Pedestals,

Georgio Leg Frame, Ask Our Team About This!

Did The Company Have An Office Dog?


Was tea & coffee offered?

Certainly was, from a friendly company 

All Joking Aside

 In a highly competitive office furniture world, providing a great service can be the difference.

Office desks, office chairs, are all very important, but are other companies going above and beyond to better customer expectations.

This is where Yorkshire Office Group, & the office furniture team have the advantage.

It isn’t always about the price, colour, chair arms, dual computer screens, desks this way, desks that way, how many sugars in your coffee.

Can You Turn My New Empty Office Into A Stylish Workspace!

Thank you for reading, I hope we can work together in the future.


About The Customers Company 

Situated In Barnsley RedBrook Business Park

Our aim is to invent and develop innovative new laundry and cleaning products that solve those little (often annoying!) everyday problems.   

Our first innovation, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver,  is the brainchild of our co-founders Dave and Tom, who spent years developing Vamoosh’s patented formula.  Our newest innovation is Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener which solves an issue that no other fabric whitener on the market is designed to do (i.e. tackle greying bras and underwear!). 

Our latest innovation, Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner, uses our patented Hair Dissolving Technology to remove the build up of hair from washing machines – along with eliminating limescale, dirt and residues and killing 99.9% bacteria.