Started Before Sunrise, Installed Before Breakfast

8 Desks, Storage Variation, 2 Hours

This office furniture install was about taking an existing office layout, and redesigning to a modern, interactive, fresh look in a short space of time.

We made sure deadlines were met, time was of the essence, the office furniture was installed before staff arrived, no worktime was lost during this install.

I encourage you to watch the video!

Have A Deadline To Meet?

One of our main objectives at Yorkshire Office is about working with you, you may not want our office furniture team in and around your staff in the middle of the day, and we understand this. Call the number or send an email.

All went great Chris & the guys were gone in good time thank you, furthermore the desks look great!

Kevin Hopper


Frequently Asked Questions About The Project

How long did it take to complete the Install?

Just under 2 hours

What Colour was the office furniture?

Concrete with black legs

Can you describe the office furniture installed?

Yes! Radial desks 1600w, Rectanglur desks, pedestals, & storage units.

Was the team grouchy for a 6am monday morning start?


Was tea & coffee offered?

Certainly was, from a friendly company 

All Joking Aside

 In a highly competitive office furniture world, providing a great service can be the difference.

Office desks, office chairs, are all very important, but are other companies going above and beyond to better customer expectations.

This is where Yorkshire Office Group, & the office furniture team have the advantage.

It isn’t always about the price, colour, chair arms, dual computer screens, desks this way, desks that way, how many sugars in your coffee.

Can you install when I need you too, can you make that promise!

Thank you for reading, I hope we can work together in the future.