School Office Furniture Install, Wakefield


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School Office Furniture Overview

We were approached by Lawefield School to design and install office furniture, for their staff offices.

Some office rooms were empty, some we replaced their existing office furniture with new desks & office chairs.

The colour scheme of the school is purple, and we tailored the School office furniture to their theme.

We provided the following office furniture:


Does Your School Office Need New Office Furniture?

We can supply office furniture, including tables & office chairs, teacher desks, Canteen Furniture, & School Storage.

Suppling nurseries, colleges, universities, academies, laboratories, research programmes and organisations, across the Yorkshire Area. 

School Office Furniture Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions About The Project

How long did it take to complete the Install?

A mornings work

What Colour was the office furniture?

Modern oak

Can you describe the office furniture installed?

Yes! A range of Office Desking, Storage, & ergonomic office chairs.

What Was The most Difficult Part Of The Install?

Without a doubt, getting those tambour cupboards into place. 

Was tea & coffee offered?

Certainly was, from the friendly school staff

About The School

Lawefield Primary School, Lawefield Lane, Wakefield

Lawefield is a friendly, welcoming school where children feel safe to learn, grow and succeed.  We are proud of our thoughtful, well-rounded children and are committed to a holistic approach to learning where children are inspired to achieve their potential.  We have recently developed our curriculum to ensure it is relevant to the needs of our children.  Knowledge and vocabulary is at the heart of our curriculum and carefully sequenced so that learning is built upon term-by-term, year-by-year and, between topics across a variety of year groups.  This enables pupils to gain and retain more knowledge and understanding through their whole school life in order for them to know more and remember more over time.

As well as wanting our children to succeed academically, we work hard towards the goal of all children being kind, respectful and responsible to everyone and the environment.  We do this in a positive and supportive manner to encourage children to think for themselves and become independent learners.  During our last inspection Ofsted recognised that ”pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are a strength of the school” and rated the pupils’ behaviour as outstanding.

We have a loyal, hard-working and caring staff who share our governors’ commitment to work to achieve the best for each of our children and the community.  We are fortunate to serve a diverse community where we learn from each other and value and celebrate our differences.