White Office Desks Installed In Wakefield

White Office Desks

We was approached by this company in Wakefield, to do an install on office furniture for there new empty office on the top floor.

All Office Furniture included below with relevant links to our ranges.

White Wave Desks, left and right handed

3 drawer under desk mobile pedestals

A great company, & great install.

white office desks wakefield

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Do You Have A New Empty Office Space?

If you are situated in the Wakefield area, and looking for office furniture for your new office space, we specialize in taking new office spaces to a full refurbished look. Our team will offer design advice colour schemes and different variations on what your office could look like. We come recommended and are local to you.

We approached Yorkshire Office Group to help us fit out our new office building. The customer service we have experienced from start to finish was brilliant, from Darren helping to design the space and providing great advice, to the friendly and professional installation team.

Rachel Dowle


Can we offer you a better, more local service in Yorkshire

 In a highly competitive office furniture world, providing a great service can be the difference.

Office desks, office chairs, are all very important, but are other companies going above and beyond to better customer expectations.

This is where Yorkshire Office Group, & the office furniture team have the advantage.

It isn’t always about the price, colour, chair arms, dual computer screens, desks this way, desks that way, how many sugars in your coffee.

Can You Turn My New Empty Office Into A Stylish Workspace!

Thank you for reading, I hope we can work together in the future.


About The Customers Company 

Situated on calder vale road Wakefield


Heat Exchange Group is the leading UK and worldwide supplier of the widest range of heat exchanger and industrial/marine boiler products and services.

The Group was formed in 2018, following the merger of Green’s Power and Thornhill Heat Exchangers. In 2022 Heat Exchange Group acquired the skilled team members, drawings and intellectual property of Hunt Thermal Technologies, owner of the Johnson Hunt, Hunt Graham and Wellman brands, further bolstering its specialist heat exchanger offering.

We design, manufacture, install, service and repair economisers, waste heat boilers, land and marine boilers, steam air heaters and other pressure parts. We service and repair all makes of plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers and other industrial related heat exchange equipment, as well as repair or manufacture of replacement rail heat exchangers.

We are proud of our heritage, our people and our reputation for excellence. Our teams work professionally, commercially and responsively to provide the highest quality products and services for our clients, no matter where they are in the world